Wild Side

by Wild Side

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released March 26, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Davis Maxwell



all rights reserved


Wild Side Heron, montana

Wild Side


Contact: wildsidehc@gmail.com

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Track Name: Wild Side
Can’t stop what you cant hold
Cant hold what you cant touch
Cant touch what you cant see
This wild side it’s a part of me

Don’t you think its wrong because you don’t know who I am
To judge for where I'm from or who I keep as friends
I got all I need I don’t want your acceptance
Think you know my style you got the wrong impression

Won’t be ashamed of what I've done
The things I’ll do Who I’ll become
It’s not my style to impersonate,
To masquerade or imitate
So keep it straight you’re misinformed
Just lies and fiction in this wild world

It’s a crazy world and these are crazy times
You got to be real with yourself to survive
That’s my wild side
Track Name: It's In The Attitude
Feel the pressure but it doesn't affect me
I’m beyond your level but you’re not getting the message

Feel so strong today
You can’t get in my way
I’m right on track, I’m coming back, better than before
Letting go of problems I don’t need anymore

I feel on top
Someone you can’t stop
You criticize but don’t create
Your negativity I don’t appreciate
All you want to do is watch me fail
You can’t

You've lost control
No values to hold
Been going on for a while
You’re attitude is out of style

Got to do what’s right
Because I cannot fight
The pull I feel that makes it real, do something righteous
Don’t waste my time with the hatred and weakness

That attitude won’t let you win
Already lost the battle before you begin
Got to see there’s another way
You’ll never change
That’s why I know you can’t win
You've lost it
Track Name: Nothing Held Back
Violence on your mind
The kind of stuff that will keep you confined
To a life of hate, the kind of life you suffer
Living like that makes everything so much tougher
Than being free of all those tendencies
Is that the way that you want it to be
Pushing others down to make yourself feel tall
Getting through to you is like talking to a wall

Put the heat on me? Baby can’t you see
My advice is for you to stop
Go on with your life, not concerned with mine
Don’t push buttons, don’t be crossing the line
Pushing others down to make yourself feel tall
Getting through to you is like talking to a wall

1 2 3 go

You want to keep me down I can’t be held back
You want to take me down i can’t be held back
I’m too strong to ever be held back
You want to chain me down I can’t be held back
Can’t hold me back
Track Name: The Way It Goes
Trying and trying to get on by
But in this world its hard to survive
Because around every corner
The powers at hand
Try to take you out that’s the master plan
So now you know that’s how it goes

Don’t forgive or forget it
Do it once man I swear you’re gonna regret it
Situations getting tougher shaken by the things I see
Know I've got no chance in life that's how it's always been

You can see the cracks in the prison that they throw you in
it's a hopeless struggle and you know you just cant win
but it doesn't make a difference you know you got to try
so when they push on you, you push right back with all your might

that's why
they'll think
when they try to roll over you
they're rolling the dice

and you show who you are
you cant just let them win, without a fight

make them work for it

the way it goes
but don't play by their rules
let them do their worst
because its all they can do

win or lose its just the way it goes
Track Name: Who We Are
Bring me down good luck with that
not the first wont be the last
seen ones like you come and go
think you're different i don't think so
t shirts, records what's it mean?
does it make you love it more than me?
don't care for fame, wont play those games
no unity or pride its such a shame

see how you are
see what you got
want me to be like you
look man, id rather not

what you do is all fake
live how others tell you to
try to push your ways on me
wont affect who im going to be
doubt is in all that you do
just be yourself through and through
don't be afraid to be different man
if its who you are don't question it

I won't be you
Am i crazy to be someone else in a place where everyone's the same
i cant give in
i wont give in
a change of pace is what we need
just look inside and you'll see what i mean

sinking faster and faster
a means to an end
but you cant stop trying
never give in